Movies of Hong Kong in the nostalgic era of the fifties.

A sentimental journey back to an era definitely passed - before the building explosion began and tourism invaded its beautiful scenery and colorful customs and traditions.

DVD # 2 HONG KONG 1949/50. Black and white films originally on 9,5mm film size. The author follows a management course, then travels by slow boat to Hong Kong in 1949, just after WW2. Scenes of the British colony from 1949-51 as experienced by the author. His first car, the old waterfront, trips into the New Territories, cruises on water, HK Central and Sheung wan district, Kowloon, Ho Man Tin Hill. Visit to the Buddhist monastry on Lantau island before it was being rebuilt and a tour around the New Territories, walled city and beaches. 5 Chapters. Length: more than one hour. Excerpts of this DVD may be seen on YouTube (see below).

DVD# 3 HONG KONG 1951/5

16mm colour films dating from 1952 to 1955. These films were recommended and won first prices in competitions.
This DVD comprises:

HK Central and Sheung Wan, the waterfront, Aberdeen, typhoon, big Shek-Kip-Mei fire, the beaches, trips to the New Territories etc..Length: about one hour and twenty minutes.

TURN OF THE TIDE (16mm colour film, English spoken sound track)

This semi-documentary colour film was produced in the Yaumatei Typhoon shelter in 1953. It shows the life of the Hakka boat people and their Chinese New Year celebrations and decorations. The shelter is gone now after being reclaimed . Length: 25 minutes.

DVD 4A. Hong Kong Coronation 1953 and TV film 1962

  1. Coronation festivities in Hong Kong in 1953, filmed by members of the HK Amateur Cine Club. Colour: 11 minutes.
  2. English version '3 Million Souls of Hong Kong', broadcast in 1962 by Dutch Television, showing various aspects of life in Hong Kong. Buddhist meeting, walled city, refugees, at sea on a junk, fishermen's wedding, Macau. Length 25 minutes. (A Dutch version of the above is available: '3 Miljoen Zielen van Hong Kong'.. Televisie zwart/wit documentaire uitgezonden in 1962 door de VPRO. Duur: 25 minuten


(from 16mm colour films) A trip by my good but late friend Cees André de la Porte to a Jaycee congres in HK. He made an excellent movie for me of the colony in 16mm Kodachrome II at 24 f.p.s.. I have eliminated all scenes relating to the congress. A splendid colour film of all sites I did not cover in my own films. Length: Half an hour.

Video clips of selections of the abovementioned films may by seen at YouTube (select '480' resolution)

Only these films, of which YouTube clips were made, are available. My many other Hong Kong clips should be downloaded at YouTube

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Many of the scenes in the above films were used in TV programs as hardly any footage of Hong kong in the fifties is available.

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