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Hello, I'm 93 years old. In the years after WW2 in Holland I was immediately captured by reports of sightings (flaps) of 'flying saucers' (called 'vliegende schotels' (flying saucers) from 1947 onwards. They had also been seen by German and Allied Forces pilots when in combat. Foo fighters they were named and were thought to be a secret weapon.

I started to collect newspaper clippings of them, most from Dutch newspapers. We often went to Spain. There I heard that they were often seen in the mountains. In 1975 I came home after siesta in our flat in Alicante, Spain. My mother was exited as she had seen lights moving over buildings in the city. I thought of a natural explanation. When I opened the newspaper Informacion next morning sightings of 'OVNI's over the city, seen by many Alicantinos were reported (Spanish clip: OVNI over Alicante, Spain, in 1975)

In the ensuing years I bought literature on the phenomenon but became soon aware that one had to separate the wheat from the chaff in reliability. In former days newspapers were far less hesitant to report on the subject. When the Sceptical Society came up in the ninetees, editors seemed to hesitate burning their fingers on the subject afraid of becoming the laughing stock of their readers.

Now that the Pentagon is going to research the phenomenon after the American Air Force gave credence to sightings of their own pilots, the media are picking the reports held back so far. British newspaper The Sun filed an a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Finally after more than four years, the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) released 1574 pages related to its secretive UFO program. It includes government commissioned scientific reports and letters to the Pentagon. On May 17th a US Congressional hearing was held to probe into the phenomenon. And now Space Agency NASA announced a new study that will recruit leading scientists to examine unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP)

Most 'explanations' come from people who are hardly aware that the phenomenon has already been seen for thousands of years. How the objects were seen and what influence they had on the witnesses has been detailed in many of the UFO books. A viewer wrote to me for instance:

"I have an experience to tell you about. I saw Ezekiels wheel in the mid 80s in rural southeast Texas..i was a kid in lil league and was selling candybars for my team door to door and before I got to the next house the clouds started billowing into a upside down tornado with lightning coming out of it..then a giant 50 or 60ft diameter gyroscope like craft..with metal rims that turned inside one another was offgassing some kind of beautiful pastel colored clouds from it..their were black things on the outside edge of the it descended down from sky to right above the came to a stop an hovered. Then it moved back n forth above me to the left an right...then I thought to myself i wonder if it can hear my thoughts..and it responded in moving very quickly back n forth over n over...then it started spinning very fast..then it broadcast an holographic image of a human man...a eagle..and a bull...then it stopped the hologram and started flashing brightly and zippin back n forth ...then it just punched it from a standstill and shot across the entire horizon until it turned upwards into space in a long radius 90 deg turn and was gone...i know this sounds crazy sir but i swear to you on my soul this happened."


I must admit that none of the explanations as to their origin and purpose satisfies me. Such as:

Their view of life and reality

One wonders what view of life they have. Do they have a 'belief'? Do they ponder about the purpose of life like we do? Do they have views of a spiritual nature and possible existence of the divine?

Intrusions to stimulate our fantasy ?

UFOs do not seem to have tried to help man with important inventions: alphabet, means to record and spread knowledge and historical records of events, instruments, ideas. At any rate no convincing archeological proof for that has been found so far. If UFOs do not wish to influence our way of living, they may have seen other ways to make us advance. They might have decided to stimulate our fantasy by demonstrating with their spaceships that far more may be achieved by our science. Yet, if this was their purpose, their effort to show what inventions or insights could be of benefit to mankind would have been in vain. To the contrary, earthlings ignored these phenomena for centuries and ridiculed and persecuted those who reported sightings.

Purpose of visits

Another related question arises: What was the purpose of these visits? Von Däniken posed the question: were UFOs the gods and strange beings in the traditions of former primitive civilisations? Indeed one might wonder whether ufonauts had any part in stimulating our ancestors in forming an organised society? They might appear in Biblical tales as watchers, elohim angels, creatures coming from a wheel of light (Ezekiel). In fact their god Jahwe shows Him/Itself to the Exodus masses in a column of smoke.

Finally, do UFOs also appear in outerspace or is the phenomenon confined to the earth's atmosphere ?

Are cropcircles a similar phenomenon ?

Billions of dollars are being invested in interplanetary research, yet hardly a dime was spent on UAP investigation so far. If only a few percent of total space travel expenditure were spent on unraveling intrusion in our world of unidentified objects and possibly entities we might have set further steps in unraveling the visit of these objects.

My newspaper clippings

These are some of my newspaper clippings gathered in the course of some 65 years. Alas, mainly in Dutch and Spanish, but also a few in English:

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Incidentally: In a Dutch poll 4% of the respondents said that they saw an UFO. If we were to apply that percentage to the world's population more than 312 million people saw one!

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