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Collecting vintage movie equipment is a neglected area amongst those interested in movies, photographica and memorabilia. It appears that amongst the millions of movie fans few are interested in the equipment with which in former days the magic of the screen was created.

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Older people will still remember the thrill of seeing movies projected in their small local cinemas often filled with the foul smell of smoke and beer.
projector Home movies were even a greater delight. Films were rented and projected on primitive home-projectors in 8, 9.5, 16, or 35mm size. The fun reached its climax when movies of members of the family were projected on the silver screen.

Taking one's own films in pre-war days was a costly affair usually reserved for the rich and privileged. Yet, there were enough people who did it on a shoestring, even going so far as to build their own projectors, which cost in those days sometimes a year's salary.

All this once coveted equipment can now be had for moderate prices. Demand is increasing and so are prices, especially for rare and wooden cameras. But prices are still lower than similar vintage photo cameras. Not so long ago one could pick up old movie equipment at flea-markets, but that time seems passed now.

Collectors are a breed apart. Their hobby makes life enjoyable. They meet people who they otherwise would never have come into contact with. Do not know what boredom is. They need all their time to study, tinker with new acquisitions, or project old movies.
Bièvres, France, annual photographica market
Bièvres, France, annual photographica market
They have an excellent excuse to make a trip to a fellow collector, or a fleamarket. They come to know each other and so feel part of a fraternity.

Not everyone has collector's blood. Those who have may be envied. They have something that keeps them alive, strengthening the roots with the past that comes dearer and dearer as the years pass by. Their interest activates them to study and keep alive their manual skills. In short it is an excellent way to keep one young at heart and mind even at an older age (I'm 86 years young!).

Internet has proved to be a great boost to collecting. One can buy a great variety of apparatus thru internet auctions like Ebay, or at some specialised auctions (see my Links page) . By email I came into contact with collectors all over the world with whom I could exchange information.There are also some email groups like:

Collectors may be divided in three main classes. Those who collect:

I, myself, collect vintage movie equipment and documentary and amateur movies picturing the world in olden times. I belong to the breed of collectors who are attracted by the sheer workmanship hardly to be found in mass produced apparatus nowadays, and to the hunt for scarce pieces of equipment. Below I am giving a link to my list of more than 3000 cinematographica items. Far too much for any collector or museum to display. Therefore one has to make a choice.

Concentrating on special themes has the advantage of keeping the collection within limits.
If you are looking for a neglected section choose slide projectors. Hardly anyone collects them, so they are going cheap.

An odd thing about collecting is: which cameras/projectors are most desirable and therefore more costly ? It appears that a human psychological phenomenon is at work here: people tend to collect apparatus which they have seen in other people's collections. There are some items everyone likes to have: a Pathé Baby projector, although hundreds of thousands have been made and of the Pathé cameras as well. The Midas cameraprojector is also much wanted, but it is far more expensive than its counterpart: the Campro. There are countless other items which are rare but attract little interest as noone else has them and are not recognised. In other collectors' areas, a similar change of interest, as the years go by, is known. A thorough knowledge and experience is of great importance in making choices.

Giant List of some 3000 vintage movie cameras,
projectors etc. with their date of manufacture.(click here)

At this stage I should like to introduce myself as a Dutch collector of cinematographica.

Click for some views of my collection

I'm always anxious to obtain details of movie cameras and projectors for the abovementioned list, which is the result of thirty years of following items for sale, going thru literature and receiving info from aficionados. I remain interested to obtain further information on film sizes used in the more than 110 years of cinema history.

Collecting areas:

Rare equipment in practically all sizes: 4.75, 8, 9.5, 11,5, 16, 17.5, 22, 28 and 35mm. Films, in the rarer gauges and Spiral discs. Also travel, documentary and amateur films showing the world many decades ago, for making video clips for my 25000 subscribers (and 20 million views).

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I also have a list of 300 items: movie cameras, projectors, accessories in 8, 9.5, 16, 22, 28 and 35mm, and many books I have to clear for lack of space. Please email for a list, specifying your interests, and what size, to: , but first delete the word NOSPAM from the address.


I am receiving many messages from readers from all over the world who have something for sale, are looking for an item, or who search for information on an apparatus they have. Please bear in mind that my time is limited and that I am living in the Netherlands. I have tried to answer most questions beforehand on my FAQ and other pages. Do not send a message to me for info already supplied on this site.

Click for a list of addresses of dealers who supply lamps, parts, and manuals.

Click for my "Want" list of items I am still looking for. But bear in mind that I only buy rare apparatus.

Before sending a query have a look at my 'Frequently Asked Questions' page and at my list of some 3000 vintage cameras and projectors.

For responses email to: but delete the word NOSPAM from the address first. PLease mention the subject of your enquiry in the heading, otherwise I may mistake it for spam.

You are invited to read my article: One Hundred years of Film Sizes
and: Who invented motion pictures?
, of film historian Tjitte de Vries.

Before sending a query to me please have a look first at my FAQ page where you may find answers to your questions immediately.
Or use keywords in the following search machine of my site:

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