of vintage movie cameras, projectors, precinema, etc.

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The following is a list of manufacturers of vintage cinematographic equipment, with some of the apparatus they marketed. It is by no means complete, but a basis for expansion.
Presently you will find the country of origin, year of manufacture and size. The ACR number, if mentioned, refers to the Peter Ariel's Cinematography Register listing. I hope to expand it with more images and data on other apparatus. In general this list closes in the year 1965 with the introduction of super 8mm to replace regular 8mm. For movie cameras after the introduction of Super 8 please refer to Anssi Puistot's Super 8 camera list

I have listed apparatus, I could not find the manufacturer of, under Various

In many cases I am not sure of the years of manufacture. For your guidance I have made guesses with a question mark. Of course all data are tentative.

I'm always grateful for any info you can supply to correct or update this list. Also let me know if an image does not open. Email to: but delete the word NOSPAM from the address.

If you like to find out more about a certain apparatus, click on the first letter of the name of the manufacturer to go to the relative section of this list. If the apparatus is not listed look for a model number near to it for an approximate date. As models often have a different name than that of the manufacturer you might also search with the Ctrl+F keys. I have often listed apparatus under their model name, though.
As for additional images you might search on Google Images. On YouTube you may find clips with demonstrations of apparatus of the major makes. Also many images may be had from Kamera Daten Bank Deutsche Museen

Possibly a manual is available. Click here.

Value . I'm receiving many queries about the value of equipment. Read my reply here.

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Search Anssi Puistot's list with more than 1100 super 8mm cameras


See Aäton, Grenoble, France

Ab-Cum-O-Graph. See Cummings

  • American Scout standard moving picture machine toy projector 35mm (and slides)
  • ACA, Germany

    ACE (Associated Cine Equipment Ltd.) , Erith, Kent, Great Britain

    Ace Manufacturing Co., Milwaukee, USA

    Ace/ L & L Randall Ltd. , Great Britain

    Acme Camera Corp., Cal., USA

    Acme Motion Picture Projector Co., Chicago, USA (merged into International Picture Corp. , Chicago, in 1925)

    Acme Tool & Manufacturing Co., Burbank, Cal., USA

    (Acme was well-known for its Academy award winning Acme-Dunn optical printer (1944))

    Acres, Birt, Great Britain (1854 - 1918)

    Read the history of Birt Acres by Tjitte de Vries and his grandson Alan Acres.

    AEG, Germany

    AEI, UK ?

    Aeroscope/Cherry Kearton Ltd., London, UK. (see Proszynski)

    AGA Baltic, Sweden

    Agfa Camerawerk AG, Berlin/Munich, Germany. (see Ansco for models produced in the USA)

    Camera's Agfa projectors

    Aids Inc., El Segundo, Cal., USA

    Aimes Engeneering Co. Inc., USA

    Aires Camera Int. Co. Ltd., Japan

    Airfix, Great Britain


    Akeley Camera Inc., New York, USA

    Aladdin Cine Products/Pictures Development Co., Toledo, Ohio, USA

    (See Urban Spirograph)

    Aldis, Great Britain

    Alef, see Lehmann

    Allied Impex Corp. (distributor)

    Alma, see Banno Bunzaburõ Shõten

    Ambrosio & C., Turin, Italy


    American Camera Co., Hollywood, USA

    American Cinematograph & Film Co., New York, USA

    American Moving Picture Co., Washington, USA

    American Mutoscope and Biograph Co., New York, USA

    American Parlour Kinetoscope Co., Washington, USA

    (Made by Clawson Machine Co., Newar, N.Y.)

    American Pictograph Co., Boston and Manchester, New Hampshire, USA

    American Projection Co., Chicago, USA

    American Symmetroscope Co., USA

    E.H. Amet, Chicago, USA

    Amigo, Gustav, Germany

    Ampro Corp., USA

    See also Simplex-Ampro, Great Britain.

    Anchor Mfg.Co., USA

    Anglia, Great Britain

    Anschütz, Ottomar, Germany

    Ansco Co., USA (see also Agfa)

    Anthony & Co., E. & H.T., Chicago, USA

    Apparate- und Kamerawerk GmbH, Germany

    Appco (Associated Photo Products), NYC, USA

    R.J. Appleton & Co., Bradford

    Après la Pluie, France

    Arco Photo Industries Co. Ltd., Japan (1949 - 61)

    Argus Inc., USA (see also: Argus/Thames Cine Products below, Mansfield, and Liesegang for models bearing the name Argus)

    Argus/Thames Cine Products Ltd., London, UK

    Arma, Great Britain

    Armor see Sommor

    Arnet ?????????

    Arri / Arnold & Richter KG, Munich, Germany

    Arrow Works Photo News Sha, Japan

    Artop Specialties (USA)

    Art Reeves Motion Picture Equipment, Hollywood, USA

    Askania-Werke AG, Berlin-Friedenau, Germany

    (before: Centralwerkstatt-Dessau and Carl Bamberg-Friedenau, Berlin)

    Aspekta, Dresden, DDR

    Associated Photo Products, New York, USA. (See:APPCO)

    Astor projectors (see: Bingoscope)

    Astral, Japan (Distributed by B.Bennett & Sons, UK)

    Astro (-Gesellschaft Bielicke & Co.), Berlin-Neukölln, Germany

    Astro see Microtecnica

    Athena Mfg./ L-W Photo Inc.,van Nuys, CA / L-W Athena Simi Valley, Ca., USA

    Athena / John Pissanos, Athens, Greece

    Atlas Cine Works Ltd. Tokyo, Japan

    Aubert, Société des Établissements Louis , France. Fused with Continsouza into M.I.P. in 1928.
    • Aubert 1879 Buddha magic lantern
    • Lanterne Rainurée 1880 magic lantern ACR 0852

    Bach Auricon Inc., USA (later: Berndt-Bach, after 1946)

    Autocrat Sound Film Services, London, Great Britain

    • The Autocrat One 1952? sound film projector 16mm
    • Automax G A-D 1960? camera 35mm with 8 perf. Vistavision type movement
    • Automax G S 4 R (also model G 155) 1960 data camera 35mm ACR 0853

    Automax Ind., Sepulveda, USA / Robert Woltz Ass. Inc., Lugana Beach, Cal.,USA

    • Automax G1 1955? cameras 35mm
    • Automax G A-D 1960? camera 35mm with 8 perf. Vistavision type movement (GS-1 16 perf.)
    • Automax GS1 & 2 timelapse cameras 35mm
    • Automax G S 4 R (also model G 155) 1960 data camera 35mm ACR 0853

    A.V.E. (Audio Visual Enterprises) Corp., New York, USA

    Aves / Audio Visual Educational Systems Inc, Houston, USA

    • Aves 1685Z sound projector 16mm


    Berndt-Bach Auricon Inc., USA (see (Bach-) Auricon above)

    Baird Motion Picture Machine Co., New York & Newark, N.J., USA

    Balkan?, Bulgaria

    • Balkan 1960 theatrical projector 35mm

    J.A.Ball, Hollywood, USA

    • Hollywood Technicolor 35mm camera 1928. For more info see:

    Waldon S. Ball, San Francisco, USA

    Mr. Ball headed a one-man film laboratory in San Francisco, Ball devised a number of machines which were taken over by Art IZreves of Hollywood and marketed worldwide. They were made by “Walt” primarily for his own needs; through a longstanding friendship, Mr. Reeves had access to them as prototypes to be manufactured under an informal and confidential business arrangement between the two men.
    • 35mm tropical wooden camera. Prototype?

    Ballantyne see Strong Wentzel, Simplex and Balantyne of Omaha Inc.

    Banno Bunzaburõ Shõten (aka Banno Shokai/Banno Boeki), Tokyo, Japan.

    They also sold Pathé equipment and produced films pre-WW2 (click for one of their films)(courtesy: Thilo Nagano)
    • Alma 9,5mm projector 1937 (Like Pathescope 200B possibly manufactured under license)
    • Alma B 16mm projector 1937

    Baptista Films C.O., Wheaton, Ill., USA

    • Miracle SVI 1950? sound projector 16mm(according to a nameplate on this projector it was manufactured by Baptista Films to show films that did not 'debase and degrade, but educate, enlighten and uplift'. This projector was designed and engineered by Maxwell Kerr and former Bell and Howell designer Stephen Platt. This machine uses a sprocket-type mechanism, instead of the usual claws. )

    Barigo Barometerfabrik, Schwenningen, Germany

    • Barigo 8 1960 projector regular 8mm
    • Romex 8 1960 projector regular 8mm (only 1500 were produced!)

    Barker Bros Inc. , Los Angeles, USA

    (Also sold under the name of Omnio Mfg. Co., see also Sixteen Frames 1992 vol.4,4 pgs. 9/10))

    Barnett & Jaffe, USA

    • B & J 1949? projector 8mm

    Baron, Auguste, Asnières, France

    • Projector 1897 35mm

    Baskon Corp., Santa Monica, CA / Mansfield Ind. Inc., USA

      . For bulbs look here
    • Baskon Automatic 500 (& 800) 1959 projector regular 8mm
    • Baskon Astronaut 1960 projector regular 8mm

    Bass Camera Co., Chicago, USA

    • Bass camera 35mm 1910 (details by Sam Dodge)
    • US Cinematograph Camera 1916 camera 35mm ACR 0298
    • Liberty camera WW1 Government surplus US Army Signal Corps 35mm camera 1918?
    • De Franne camera 1920? camera 35mm (Very similar to Barker Bros camera above). (There is also an Ertel De Franne camera)
    • Home De Franne 1920 camera 35mm sold at $ 97,50

    Bata AS, Czechoslovakia

    • Bata Projector 16mm with lens Polar Optikotechna, Prerov, 1.6/35mm (According to Meopta: "This is actually a Suchánek projector, model Popular, which had a exchangeable projection head system for formats 8, 9.5 and 16 mm and includes a diapositive slide head. The Bata company ordered a significant number of these projectors to be built for advertising and training purposes, however, there was an obstacle to production in that there was insufficient production capacity and, therefore, after mutual agreement, these projectors were assembled under licence directly by the Bata company. Which apparently occurred at the end of the 1930s. Another viewers commented: Bata (pronunciation of t is tj together, like Batja) used apparatus for advertising, and in the factory in Zlín made 800 boxis with these projectors inside and screens sized 45 x 35 cm, rear projection. Boxes was then placed with Bata movies into Bata shops windows. 3 similar projectors have different relief only: Popular - for ordinary sale; Scholar - cheaper only for school; Bata - for Bata's factory only.

    Bauer Gmbh, Eugen/Bosch (Germany)

    Camera's Click here for their history
    • Bauer 8 1938-53 camera 1x8 ACR 0017
    • Bauer 88 1953-58 camera 8mm ACR 0018
    • Bauer 88 B 1954-60 camera 8mm ACR 0019
    • Bauer 88 C (Profi) 1954-60 camera 8mm ACR 0020
    • Bauer 88 D 1958-60 camera 8mm ACR 0021
    • Bauer 88 DS 1958 camera 8mm ACR 0299
    • Bauer 88 E 1955-59 camera 8mm ACR 0022
    • Bauer 88 ES 1958 camera 8mm ACR 0023
    • Bauer 88 F 1959 camera 8mm ACR 0024
    • Bauer 88 G 1959-62 camera 8mm ACR 0025
    • Bauer 88 H 1960-61 camera 8mm ACR 0026
    • Bauer 88 K Automatic 1962 camera(1.8 10/30mm) 2x8mm
    • Bauer 88 L 1961-62 camera 8mm ACR 0027
    • Bauer 88 R 1963 camera 8mm ACR 0028
    • Bauer 88 RS 1963-65 camera 8mm ACR 0029
    • Bauer Electric 1964-65 camera 8mm ACR 0030
    • Bauer Electric 5 1964-65 camera 8mm ACR 0031
    • Bauer C1/C2 camera super 8
    Bauer projectors

    Baumann, Germany

    • FP1 (Universal) 1954-56 projectors regular 8mm
    • Diplomat 1956 projector regular 8mm
    • Kurier 1956 projector regular 8mm

    Baxter & Wray and Butcher, W. and Sons, London, Great Britain

    • Projector 1897 35mm
    • Perfection Cinematograph 1898 35mm

    Beacon Projector Co., New York, N.J., USA


    • Cinematograph 35mm projector 1898 (mentioned in Hopwood's 'Living Pictures')>

    Beaulieu Cinéma, France. (click for images). Read also Martin Baumgarten: Beaulieu Super 8 cameras Beaulieu, ,Beaulieu Cinema (Wittner Kinotechnik)

    • Beaulieu C 16 (M 16) 1951-58 camera 16mm ACR 0300
    • Beaulieu 8 1951? projector regular 8mm
    • Beaulieu S 16 1951 camera 16mm 100'
    • Beaulieu T 16 (T) 1951 turret camera 16mm ACR 0032 (as C 16)
    • Beaulieu K1 1951? projector 8mm
    • Beaulieu C 9,5 - M 9,5 - S 9,5 - T 9,5 (twin lens turret) 1952-58 cameras 9,5mm ACR 0033
    • Beaulieu T 9,5 (T) 1951 camera 9,5mm ACR 0301
    • Beaulieu M 8 1953 camera 8mm ACR 0034
    • Beaulieu T 8 President (T, T Président) 1954-60 camera 8mm ACR 0302
    • Beaulieu M 8A, M 8B, 1958 cameras 8mm
    • Beaulieu R 16 Reflex 1958-62 camera 16mm ACR 0857 (Reflex Control 1962-65)
    • Beaulieu R 16 instructions
    • Beaulieu Automatic 1965 camera 8mm ACR 0856
    • Beaulieu MCR 8 Reflex Control (ELM) 1961 camera 8mm ACR 0035 (TCR 8 with 3-turret)
    • Beaulieu MAR 8 Automatic (G)1961-65 cameras 2x8mm
    • Beaulieu MCR 8 Reflex Control 1961-66 cameras 2x8mm
    • Beaulieu PA8 1964? projector regular 8mm
    • Beaulieu R 9,5 Reflex 1961 camera 9,5mm ACR 0858 (Reflex Control - RC 9,5 G 1963)
    • Beaulieu R (RC) 9,5 1962-65 Reflex Control camera 9,5mm
    • Beaulieu R 16 Automatic S, T 1965 cameras 16mm ACR 0859
    • Beaulieu R 16 G 1965 camera 16mm
    • Beaulieu R 16 Electronic 1965 camera 16mm
    • Beaulieu RC 16 Electrique 1965-1966 camera 16mm
    • Beaulieu R 16 Synch 1966-68 camera 16mm
    • Beaulieu R 16/60 (B, EL 1968-86 camera 16mm (Auto and Semi Auto versions)
    • Beaulieu 4008 S - 4008 ZM 1969-71 camera super 8
    • Beaulieu 4008 ZM II 1971-1976 camera super 8 (M3 1974, ZMIII 1977)
    • Beaulieu 4008 ZM4 1976-1979 camera super 8
    • Beaulieu 5008 1974 camera super 8 (5008 S and 3008 S Multispeed 1976-1980)
    • Beaulieu News 16 6016 1972 cameras 16mm
    • Beaulieu 1008 XL 1978-1981 sound camera super 8 (1008 SX 8, 1028 XL 1981-1983)
    • Beaulieu 708 (various models) 1978 projector super 8
    • Beaulieu 6008 (S, Pro Digital) 1979-1983 sound camera super 8 (Digital 1983-1985)
    • Beaulieu 7008 PRO, Pro 2 1986 camera super 8
    • Beaulieu 9008 camera super 8
    • Beaulieu 2016 Quarz (Mono, Multispeed) 1986 cameras 16mm

    Beckman & Whitley Inc., San Carlos, USA

    Bedts, D.W. de, France

    Cameron Picture Machine Co., Brooklyn, New York, USA

    Camex, see Ercsam

    Campbell Co., A.S., East Boston, USA.

    Campro Ltd./Home Cine Cameras Ltd., London, UK

    Cannevel, Edouard, France

    Cannock, F., New York, USA

    • Cinematograph 35mm projector (oil bath Geneva movement) 1903
    • Edengraph 35mm projector 1908

    Canon Inc., Tokyo, Japan

    Capitol Machine Co. Inc., New York, USA

    Capitol/News Reel Laboratory, Philadelphia, USA

    • Capitol 1930 continuous loop projector 16mm in case

    Capitol Projector Corp. New York, USA

    Capta-Movi ? , Spain

    Carette & Co., Georg, Nürnberg, Germany

    (although Carette had the French nationality)
    • Laterna Magina 1890 (courtesy Auction Team, Köln)
    • Laterne Magica Folioscope 1890
    • Laterna magica - (H 25) 1895 magic lantern ACR 0520
    • Laterna Magica (DB = 4) 1895 magic lantern ACR 0501
    • Kinematograph with horizontal film movement 1900?
    • Laterna Magica (DB = 5) 1905 magic lantern ACR 0897
    • Zootrope - 1905 ACR 0821
    • Zootrope - 1905 ACR 0898
    • Zootrope - 1905 ACR 0548
    • Kinematograph + LM - 1905 magic lantern/projector 35mm ACR 0768
    • Laterna Magica - (DB = 5) 1911 magic lantern ACR 0769
    • Cinematograph 1912? 35mm

    Carpenter & Richardson, Wembley, Great Britain

    Carpentier, Jules,

    Celfix see Hunter

    Cello projector (see Campbell)

    Centauro, Sao Paulo, Brasil

    Brasilian manufacturer of prof. cinema projectors

    Central Kohki Co.Ltd., Tokyo, Japan

    • Tica-8 Projector R8mm 1964?

    Centrex, India?

    Centrex cinema projectors, copies of Simplex projectors (who knows more about them?)

    Century Projector Corp., USA.

    (see also Kaplan)

    CFEC/St.George Cine Equipment Co.

    • CFEC 103 1970? portable sound projector 35mm

    Charlin, France

    Chevillard & Coulon, France (1913-1920 In 1920 bought by J. Demaria)

    Chicago Projecting Co., Chicago, USA

    Supplied round 1900 projection outfits. Not sure if manufactured by themselves or solely distributors.

    Chinese movie equipment manufacturers.

    Chinon International Corporation, Tokyo, Japan

    • Chinon 727 196? projector regular 8mm
    • Chinon Concord 7 B 1963 camera 1.8/8-32mm 2x8mm
    • Chinon Zoom 8 1963 camera 1.8/9,5-30mm 2x8mm
    • Chinon Power Master Zoom 8 1963 1.8/8-32mm 2x8mm
    • Chinon Facel 2 1963 camera 1.8/9,5 - 19mm 2x8mm ACR 0899
    • Chinon Concord B 1965 camera 1.8/8-32mm 2x8mm
    • Chinon 2000 propjector 2x8mm

    Christen, Marcel, Vinneuf, France

    • Christen 8mm 1950-53 camera Bertiot 2.5/12,5mm 8mm
    • Super Christen B3 (VM) 1953-61 camera
    • Christen (Mono) 54 (also Photo Hall, or Standard) 1954 camera 8mm ACR 0332
    • Super Christen 56 1956 camera Berthiot 2.5/12,5mm 2x8mm
    • Super Christen 8 (also Photo Hall) 1953 camera 8mm ACR 0333 (later renamed as Super 4V and Super VM)
    • Christen 56 1960 camera Berthiot 2.5/12,5mm
    • Christen Reflex DB 1 1960-62 camera 8mm ACR 0080
    • Christen Reflex DB 2 1960-62 camera 8mm ACR 0081
    • Christen Reflex 8 1961-62 camera Berthiot Pan Cinor 40 2x8mm
    • Super Christen SB3 1965 camera Berthiot Cinor 3.5/35mm

    Christie, Cypress, CA, USA (and Canada)

    See Film Tech site under Manuals for their cinema projectors

    Chronik Brothers Mfg., New York, USA

    Cima/Zimmermann, G. (Germany)

    Cinagraph/ Baker & McGarth, USA

    • Cinegraphoscope 1898? projector 35mm (made by Charles Webster, later called Cinagraph)

    Cinak, France

    (see Cinématheque Francais)
    • Cinak 1934 projector for 9,5mm Pathé cassettes

    Cine Accessories Co., Brighton, UK

    • New de Luxe Cine-Vue regular 8mm loop handheld plastic toy viewer 1955?

    Cinebloc/Sté. Gallus/Pierre Dupont Rougier, Courbevoie, France

    (For further details see Eric Lange's page.


    (see Cameraflex)

    Cinefon, Milano (Mailand), Italy

    CineGel, Le Mans and Paris, France

    Cinegel cameras
    • Cinegel La Reinette 9,5 1950-55 camera Roussel Kinor 2.5/20mm 9,5mm
    • Cinegel Reinette 8 1950-54 camera 2x8mm
    • CineGel Reinette 9,5 1952 camera 9,5 mm ACR 0083
    • Cinegel Reinette 10 1952 camera 2x8mm
    • Cinegel Reinette N8 1952 camera 2x8mm
    • CineGel Reinette HL 9,5 1955-62 camera 9,5mm ACR 0084
    • CineGel HL 9,5 1954 camera 9,5mm ACR 0594
    • CineGel Reinette Super HL 9,5 1955-62 camera 9,5mm ACR 0335
    • CineGel (Reinette) (Super)HL 8 1954-58 camera 8mm ACR 0082
    • CineGel Super HL 9,5 1954 camera variable speeds 9,5mm ACR 0336
    • Cinegel Super HL 16 1955 camera variable speeds 16mm
    • CineGel Reinette HL 16 1955-58 camera 16mm ACR 0337
    • Cinegel Comète 1962-64 camera 2x8mm
    • Cinegel Comète 8 Automatic 1963-65 camera Berthiot 1.8/10mm 2x8mm
    • Cinegel Comète Automatic (zoom) 1963 camera Berthiot 1.9/9-36mm
    • Cinegel Gelzoomatic 8 1964-65 camera 8mm
    Cinegel projectors

    Cine Graf ????, Argentine

    Cinekon / Ogino & Co. Ltd., Japan (or Bell Ko-On Co.?)

    Cinelabor S.A., Florence, Italy

    Cineland, Japan


    Cinema Francia / Société de Propagation des Inventions Nouvelles, Paris, France

    Cinema Genry, France

    Cinema-Halles Ltd., London, Great Britain

    Cinema Solus, France

    Cinemaker Company, Nottingham, Great Britain

    See also Bingoscope above.

    Cineman Inc./ Toyo Kohki Corp. Japan.

    Cinéma Plaques, Ste. des, France

    Cinema Products Corp., Los Angeles, USA

    (A range of cameras of Auricon ancestry)

    Cinematic Universal Camera Corp., New York, USA

    Cinematograph Co., Chicago, USA

    Cinematographe, France

    Cinemax Co.Ltd.(Uriu Seiki Co. Ltd.), Tokyo Japan

    Cinemec, Florence, Italy

    Cinemeccanica, Milano, Italy (Officine Bossi)

    (Also distributed by Rank/Gaumont-Kalee, Great Britain)

    Cine Micro / Salvador Mestres / Novedades Poch (distributor), Barcelona, Spain

    Cinephon Co., Prague, Czecho-Slovakia

    Cine Products Supply Co.

    (See here)

    Ciné RAI / Payà Hermanos, S.A.", Ibi (Valencià), Spain

    • Ciné RAI animated paper film(large sized) toy projector 1933
    • Second model same as above with sound
    • Third model with 17,5mm filmstrip and electric light

    Cinerama, New York, USA

    Cineric, Paris, France (formerly Ericsson, Paris)

    Cine Skob (Josep Escobar), Barcelona, Spain

    Cinescope/Cinema Traders, London, Great Britain

    Cinescope, France

    Cinetasca, Italy

    Cinetechnic, Greenford, Great Britain

    (Distributor of Debrie projectors in the UK) (A NAME="elew">

    Cinetechnical Works, Lodz, Poland

    Cinetechnique, Paris, France

    . (Ran by former Pathé engineer Rene Llorens)

    Cinetecnica, Milano, Italy

    Cinette/Auto-Vision, France

    Cinevox, Australia, see Precision Engineering (click)

    Cinex/Bourdereau, Etabl., André Alphonse, Paris, France

    Cinklox Camera Co./Cincinetti Clock & Instrument Co, Cincinetti, Ohio, USA

    Cinoscope, Syndicat Industries du., Italy

    Cine Cirse, Torino, Italy (see also Microtecnica

    Citoscope / Breviaire & Cie., France (M.Laval)

    City Sale & Exchange, London, Great Britain

    . (Used the trade name Salex.)

    Clapham, A.J./ Coughlin, James, & Co., New York, USA

    Claston?, Japan?

    Clément & Gilmer, France

    Clermont, Maison / L. Huet & Cie., Paris, France

    Cleveland Detroit Camera Co., USA

    Colmor ?, USA

    Colorco, San Francisco, USA

    J.B.Colt & Co., New York, USA

    Comisco, USA

    Compact, Italy

    (distributed by David Williams in UK)

    Compact Camera Co., Chicago, USA

    Compact 35mm camera 1902?

    Compagnia Construttori Cinematografici, Milano, Italy

    • Proiettore sonore 16mm 1949?

    Compendica, Switzerland

    Cincinetti Clock etc.)

    Construments, see Bingoscope

    Consul ?, Japan.

    Distributed by J.J.Silber Ltd. in UK.

    Continsouza, Pierre-Victor, Paris, France (died in 1944)

    (Manufacturer for many distributors notably Pathé. Fused with Société des Établissements Louis Aubert into M.I.P. in 1928.

    Copal Co. Ltd. , Japan

    . See Sekonic

    Copycat, Italy

    Coronet Camera Co., Birmingham, UK

    Cosmograph, see Muggard Bradley

    Cosuta, Japan

    Coughlin, James, Co., New York

    Courvoisier, Noël, Paris, France

    Coxsackie Holding Corp. , Coxsackie, N.Y., USA

    C.R.A., France

    (tentative inclusion)

    Cragstan, Japan

    Crass, Richard, Berlin, Germany

    Cross, Paris, France

    Crouzet, Valence, France

    Crown Optical Co. Ltd., Japan

    Croydon/PMC Products, Hong Kong

    Cummings, A.B., Attleboro, Mass., USA.

    Cummings & Wilson, Sydney, Australia

    Cumo ?, Spain

    Cunningham, USA

    I also have a list of 300 items: movie cameras, projectors, accessories in 8, 9.5, 16, 22, 28 and 35mm, and many books I have to clear for lack of space. Please email for a list to: , but first delete the word NOSPAM from the address.


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