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PART 3 (K - O)

The following is the third part of a list of manufacturers of cinematographic equipment, with some of the apparatus they marketed. Click on the first letter of the manufacturer to go to the relative section of this list. If the apparatus is not listed look for a model number near to it.

The ACR numbering refer to Ariel's Register

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Kaawe (Kannengiesser, Aders & Wehler GmbH, Berlin, Germany

Kafta (Fritz Kaftanski), France

Kalart Victor Corp.,Plainville, USA (see Victor)

Kalee: Kershaw Projector Co., London/Kershaw & Sons Ltd./New Century Film Service, Leeds, Great Britain

Kamera- und Kinowerke, DDR, see here

Kamikaze 16 MM Film Projector Factory, Japan, which advertise themselves as "Manufacturer of Minikawa's High Class Cinematograph" Kamm & Co, Leonard Ullrich, London, Great Britain

Kaplan, Sam, Manufacturing & Supply Co. , USA Sam Kaplan later on founded the Century Projector Corp. Kateitoki, Japan See 'Refcy'.

Kearton, Cherry Ltd., London, UK (see Aeroscope

Keero, Great Britain

Kemco (see Kodel)

  • Kenflex 1950? projector 300 Watt regular 8mm
Kenner, USA

Keystone Mfg. Co., Boston, USA ('since 1919')
Began to sell their equipment through Paramount Mfg. Co, Warren Mfg. Co. and Sears Roebuck. Keystone' was bought out in 1965 by Berkey. Subsequently in 1991 Keystone stock and brand names were bought by Concord Camera Corp. Avenel, NY, USA.
Note: I cannot make head nor tail out of their numbering system. (Some were also sold by other department stores like Macy's under different model numbers ) Keystone Camera's

Projectors (Keystone):

Keystone, Ferrule & Nut Co., Burlington, USA

KIEVSKIY GOSUDARSTVENNIY ZAVOD AVTOMATIKI imeni G. I. PETROVSKOGO = Kiev State-run Automatics Works named after G. I. Petrovskiy until 1983, Kiev, Ukraine, (formerly USSR)


Kinak Motion Picture Co., New York, USA

Kinap / Odesskiy P/O Kinap, Odessa (P/O Proizvodtsvenniy Obyedineniye: Production Amalgamation), Ukraine, USSR

Kinedrome, Chicago, USA Kinemacolor Kinematograph (See Precinema, and the wonderful danish site .

Kinemo Kit, Los Angeles, USA ???

Kineres, Germany

Kineto Ltd., London (1907 - 23)

(Known for the production scientific and interest films)

Kinetograph (Schlicker)

Kinn, Ciné / Laboratoires J.Giguet, Mauléon-Soule, France

Kinograph, Manchester, N.H., USA

Kinokam Co., The, Great Britain

Kinor (see Moskinap)

Kinora/Bonds Ltd./ Kinora Co. Ltd., London, UK (See also Lumière 1896. Incorporating Mutoscope patent by Herman Casler. Also marketed by the British Mutoscope & Biograph Co.Ltd. and Warwick Trading Co.Ltd., London)


Klangfilm G.m.b.H, Germany

Kleine Optical Co., Chicago, USA.
Probably only distributor of cinematographic equipment early 1900.

Klix Mfg. Co., Chicago, USA

Knega Co. Inc., Washington DC, USA

(I'm not sure about the manufacturers of this camera. It was advertised in Jenkins and Depue's Handbook of 1908. But Knega were also the publishers of that book?!)

Knetsch, Breslau, Germany

. See also Lehmann & Knetsch

Knittel, Bruno, Dresden, Germany

Kodak Co., Eastman, Rochester, USA

Kodak projectors Various (Kodak)

Kodel Electric & Mfg. Co. Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

Kohka (Japan)

Kohl, Max

Kokoku Seiki Mfg. Co.Ltd., Kawasaki, Japan

Kolograph Corp., Indianapolis, USA

Konica/Konishiroku Photo Industry Co.Ltd., Tokyo, Japan (marketed Rokuohsha, Tokyo cameras)

Kopil/Kobayashi Seiki Seisakujo Ltd., Japan

Kowa Optical, Japan

Kramme & Zeuten (KZ), Danmark

(although an airplane manufacturer under the name of Skandinavisk Aero Industri, during WW2 they fabricated 16mm projectors. Info courtesy Mogens Bøgild)

Krasnagorsk / KMZ (Krasnogorskiy Mekhanicheskiy Zavod (Krasnogorsk Mechanical Plant), Krasnagorsk, USSR

Krasnagorsk logo. See also here

Kretzschmar, Fridolin (Deutsche Kinematographen Werke), Dresden, Germany.

Manufacturer of the first German substandard cine camera, component of a whole system. (Available were: a lamphouse to convert the camera into a projector and a printer) Ernemann bought the Kretzschmar patent. The Kinematograph was the forerunner of Ernemann Kino I and Kino II. See also here (click)

Kunert, Werner, Wilhelmshaven, Germany

Kymograph Cameras, Grass Instruments Co./Grass Medical Co., Quincy, USA

Kynko / Chas Wright Ltd. , Great Britain


La Belle Industries, Wisconsin, USA

The Lackner Co. Inc., Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

LaFayette Instrument Co.., USA

Lambda Co., USA

Lamy, Milan, Italy

Lancaster & Son, J., Birmingham, Great Britain

Landlicht AG, Germany

Lapierre Frères, France

Lang Manufacturing Works, Olean, N.Y., USA

Lapipe, A., France

  • Lapiposcope 35mm projector 1896

Latham, USA

  • Latham 35mm camera and projector (with Enoch J.Rector incorporating 'Latham loop') 1894

Lawhun, S. McKee, USA

(President of the New York Institute of Photography)
  • Lawhun 1920 camera 35mm. This camera was illustrated in C.L. Gregory's: Motion Picture Photography p.62, but whether it ever went into production?

Laval, E., Paris, France

  • Cinéo type 1 1925 projector 35mm

LaVezzi Machine Works,Chicago, USA

  • LaVezzi Moving Picture (model 8?) 1913 camera 35mm
  • LaVezzi Theatre 1951 projector 35mm

Lee & Turner see Darling

Lehmann, A., Fürth, Germany Lehmann & Knetsch, Walter, Breslau, Germany

See also Knetsch

Leitz GmbH, Ernst, Wetzlar, Germany

(see Leitz Kinowerke below)

Leitz Kinowerke GmbH., Germany

(After 1929 manufactured by by AEG, Berlin. See Leitz above)) Lemaire, France

Lenco Photo Products, Japan

Le Seul, see Courvoisier

Levèque SA, Pierre, Pau, France

Levi, Jones & Co.Ltd., London, Great Britain

(See also Levi & Co. below) Levi & Co., Samuel J, London, Great Britain (Hopwood p.175)

(see also Mazo, Paris below) Levi???????????

Leybold, Cologne, Germany Manufacturer of carbon arc light burners 1898 - ?

Liesegang, Eduard, Düsseldorf/Hauff GmbH, Stuttgart, (West-) Germany

Ligonie SA, Paris, France (1965 - 1985) (Courtesy Siegbert Fischer) Lindstrom Tool and Toy Co.(Also Lindstrom Corp.), Bridgeport,Conn., USA

Linhof, Dipl. lng., Munich, Germany

Linnett, J.B.

Lion / Vitascope, Japan

Löffel, Leipzig, Germany (1926 - 1933)

LOMO - Leningrad-Werk, Leningrad, USSR.(Leningradskiy Optiko-Mekhanicheskiy Obyedineniye (Leningrad Optical-Mechanical Amalgamation. Inverted V over the name Omo means 'L' making Lomo.) See Mashpriborintorg VO and Moskinap for Konvas cameras). See also here Looksie ?, Japan Los Angeles Motion Picture Co., Los Angeles, USA (Also manufactured tripods) Loveless & Hunter, London, UK

Lubin, S., Philadelphia, USA.

Lumen Inc., Joliet, Ill., USA

Lumicon see Nihon Cine Industry

Lumière, Auguste et Louis, Paris, France

L-W Photo Inc.,van Nuys, CA / L-W Athena Simi Valley, Ca., USA

Lytax-Werke - Apparatebau Freiburg, Freiburg, Germany


Maggard Bradely Co. Inc., Morehead, KY, USA

Magic Lanterns, see Precinema

Maguire & Baucus Ltd., London, Great Britain. Later Warwick Trading Co. (1897) Maltheser Machinebau GmbH, Berlin, Germany

Should have produced a similar camera as the Duoscope according to Auer Mamey projector, see Meyer Camera, New York

Mamiya Camera Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan

Mansfield Ind. Inc.Chicago, USA (see Argus, Baskon and Remington)

Maquinaria y Accesorios Fotocinematográficos, Mayafot, Valencia (Hnos. Carbonell, constructors) Marey, Etienne Jules, France Marguet, L.B., France Marin S.A., Cinematographia, Barcelona, Spain

Marlowe Camera Co., Chicago, USA

Marron Carrel ? , USA

Mashpriborintorg VO (Vnestorgnaya Obyedineniye = foreign amalgamation = export organization), USSR

. See also Lomo

J.N.Maskelyne, London, Great Britain

G. Massiot, Paris, France

Mastercraft Toy Co. Inc., USA

Masterscope, New York, USA

Mathieu, Paris, France

Maurer, J.A. Inc., Los Angeles/New York, USA

(Formerly Berndt-Maurer Corp. until early forties) Maurice, L., Paris, France

Mavco, USA. See also MiniCine Mazo, Elie Xavier, Paris, France

. (Sold early British cameras as from 1896 such as the Biokam, and of manufacturers: Bunzli & Continsouza, Levie, Jones & Co. Info courtesy Eric Lange, Paris) MCM (Matériel Cinématographique Henry Moulin), Paris, France

Meccano-Triang, France

MDC, France

Mees, G., Belgium

Meire & Deberthand, France

Mekel Eng. Inc. Calif., USA

Mélior, Société, Paris, France

Melotone Talking Picture Machine Company, New York, USA

Melton......, USA

Mendel, Georges, Paris, France

(Continued by E. Laval, Paris) Meop-Frech, Stuttgart-Frankfurt/Main, West-Germany

Meopta/J.Suchanek, Brno, Czechoslovakia (click for more info and images of their products. J. Suchanek (1934-37) was incorporated into Meopta after 1948 as a separate company Meopta Brno.). See also Eta, Prague

Camera's Meopta projectors Messters Projection GmbH, Germany

Mestres, Salvador, Spain

Meyer Camera & Instrument Co., New York, USA

MIC (Mécanique Industrielle Cinématographique),Succession Photographe Cinéma Henri Alekan - France

Mickson / L.Mousseau, Angers, France

See Mousseau below. (Walt Disney-) Mickey Mouse Ltd., Great Britain

(See also Lehmann, Excel, Keystone for Mickey Mouse projectors) Microcine SRL, Bergamo, Italy

Micro Cine/Kern, Aarau, Switzerland. See also Hauser, Philippe & Probst, Edouard

The Micrograph Co. Ltd., London

  • Micrograph 35mm projector 1898 (ad in Hopwood's 'Living Pictures')
Microtecnica, Turin, Italy

(See also Cine Cirse) Midas Camera Projector Ltd, London, Great Britain

Midget Movies Ltd., London, Great Britain.

Midget Movies / Capitol Projector Corp. New York, USA

Midgette Joy Co., USA

Mikado, Saitama, Japan

Miki, Italy

Miller Cine Co Ltd., Gloucester, Great Britain

D.B. Milliken Co., Arcadia, Cal., USA

MiniCiné / Martin Lucas Ltd., Hollinwood, Lancs.,(later: London), Great Britain

Minolta Camera Co.Ltd., Japan

M.I.P. / Mécanique Industrielle de Précision, Paris, France (1928 - 1966)

. Merger of Continsouza and Aubert in 1928. In 1937 the following firms joined: Jean Carpentier, Pascal Carpentier, André Joly, Pierre Noël et Jacques Brunon. Many take-overs in following years.

Mirographe, Paris, France

Mitchell & Kenyon, Blackburn, Great Britain

Mitchell Camera Corp., Glendale/West-Hollywood, CA,USA

Mollier, Etablissements , Paris, France

Molteni, A., Paris, France

Monarch Film Service, Memphis, TN, USA

Monee & Co. Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, India

Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago, USA
This department store/mail-order house marketed under their name numerous cameras and projectors, notably Keystone Moviegraph projectors(see above)
Morexa, Société des Caméras, Paris, France

Mortier & Chéri-Rousseau, France

Mortleigh Camera Co.Ltd., Great Britain

Morton Co., The, USA

Moscow Gramophone Factory, Moscow, Russia

Moskinap (Moskovskiy Zavod Kinoapparaturiy (Moscow Plant of Cine Apparatuses)), Moscow, Russia

(lenses manufactured at Lomo plant, Leningrad, newer generation lenses at JSC Optika plant). See also RafCamera Moscow Phonograph Factory, Moscow, USSR

Motiograph Inc., Chicago, USA (Took over in 1935 Enterprise Optical Mfg. Co.)

In 1951 Motiograph started manufacturing Victor Animatograph 16mm sound projectors Mousseau, Angers, France

The Movee Co., Cleveland, Ohio, USA/ F.E.Oiler, USA

Movette Camera Corp.(also 'Movette Incorporated'), Rochester, N.Y., USA

Moviecam F. G. Bauer Filmtechnik GesmbH, Vienna, Austria, now owned by Arri . Also known for Moviescope widescreen format.

Movie Jecktor Co.Inc., New York, USA

Movie Komics/Allied Mfg. Co./Russakow Can Co. , Chicago, USA

Movie Star Camera Co., Chicago, USA

Movieland Toy Marvel, see Pordell

Moviematic/General Moviematic Camera Inc., New York, USA. For Moviematic projector see below.

Moviematic/ Technical Services Inc., Livonia, Mich., USA Movie-Mite/Calvin Co., Kansas City, USA Movi-Scope Inc., Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Moy, Ltd., Ernest Francis (Moy & Bastie), London, Great Britain

Muggard Bradley, Morehead, Kentucky, USA

Müller, Carl, Austria

Müller, Conrad A., Strengenberg, Germany

Müller, Leonhard

Multido, France

Mupi S.R.L., Florence, Italy

Mutoscope/ International Mutoscope Reel Co. Inc., New York, USA
(see also the wonderful danish site and the British Mutoscope site)

MW Toy Co.

Myers Mfg. Co., Cleveland, Ohio, USA


NAC Inc., Japan

Nanjing Cine Equipment Manufactory, China

Natco Inc., Chicago, USA

National, France

National Cine Laboratories, New York, USA

Negretti & Zambra, Electric Gyroscope Kinematograph Camera Co.Ltd.,London, GB (See Electric Gyroscope K. Co.Ltd.)

Nertney T.J. Mfg. Co., Ottawa, Ill., USA

Nett, Toni, Stuttgart, Germany


(See Lomo)

Newall Engineering Co., Great Britain

Newman & Guardia Ltd., London, Great Britain

Newman & Sinclair Ltd., London, Great Britain

New York Institute of Photography, New York, USA Director Herbert C.MacKay, author of several books on cinematography. The Institute gave courses in motion picture photography and sold movie cameras of other makes as well as under their own name. NIC Projector Corp. New York C, USA/NIC Projektor Co., France, Spain Founded in 1895 by Tomàs NICOLAU RIBA of Barcelona, Spain. Closed down in 1974. It is claimed that 10 million NIC's were sold! In France NIC's were sold by Ciné Sélic", Marseille, in Great Britain under the name Eagle, in Italy as Ciné Zanetti. Was sold in the USA as King Cinema. Manufactured in Italy under license by S.A.R., Milano. Also sold in Argentine and Japan. Museum in Girona, Spain See also here, Ciné Selic (Claude Mettavant) and Selic.

Nihon Cine Industry Co Ltd., Japan

NIKFI (Scientific Cinema-Photo Research Institute) Moscow, BKTsK (Central Cine Apparatus Design Bureau), St. Petersburg, USSR.

Nikon/Nippon Kogaku K.K., Tokyo, Japan

Nippon Cine Industries Co. Ltd., Japan

Nippon Eigaki & Co., Japan These cameras were also produced during and after WW2

Nippon Kogaku K.K., Japan

Nippon Koki Kogyo Co.Ltd., Osaka, later Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan

Nitzsche, Johannes, Leipzig, (East-) Germany (Founded in 1903. From 1924 Johannes Nitzsche A.G. A majority of shares was obtained by Zeiss Ikon A.G in 1933, sold to Anschütz & Co.GmbH, Kiel. in 1938. Abortive restart in 1950. In 1932 Philips started producing some of their their projectors under license. Read further: Johannes Nitzsche, Kinematographen & Films : Die Geschichte Des Leipziger Kinopioniers)

NIZO / Niezoldi & Krämer GmbH (Nizo), Munich, Germany

(NIZO became the camera make of Braun AG in 1962) Nizo cameras Nizo projectors Noakes & Norman, Great Britain

Noguès, Pierre

Norbel, Belgium

Nord Co., The, USA

Nordisk, Copenhagen, Danmark

Norelco, USA

. See also Philips and 70mm newsletter

Noris/Plank (Click here)

Norske Smalfilmapparater A/S, Oslo, Norway.

Northridge Research, USA.


Oehmichen (Société d'étude et de perfectionnement des inventions Oehmichen, Sepio), Valentigney & Paris, France

Ofag AG, Heidelberg, Germany (1922-25)

O.G.C.F., France

OKO/Proszynskiego (see Aeroscope and Proszynskiego)

Olag, Berlin, Germany

Old Delft / De Oude Delft, Delft, Netherlands

Olikos, see Cinéma Plaques, Ste. de

Olympus Optical Co., Tokyo, Japan

Onorato Isacco Torino,

Optica GmbH, Berlin, Germany/Bing Werke

(1921 - 1926)

Optical Radiaton Corp. , India

Optikotechna, Prag, Czechoslowakia (Meopta?)

Optigraph, see Enterprise Optical Co.

Optisch Mechanische Industrie-Anstalt Görlitz, Schlesien, Germany

OSSA, Spain

Oude Delft, Netherlands

Oxberry, USA

Oxford (see Loveless & Hunter)

Ozaphan, Germany

for German Ozaphan cellophane films (See also Agfa, Noris and Siemens)

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