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Birt Acres, film pioneer
Single/straight 8mm Movex camera
Akeley 35mm camera (1914)
Amateur film
Dutch Smalfilmmuseum
first amateur film sizes
Apparatebau Freiburg, see 'Lytax'
Amigo, Gustav, 35mm model A camera


Bell & Howell
35mm Standard Cinematograph camera (1912)
Filmo 75 16mm camera, three models (image)
Filmo 57 16mm projector (1923 -31, image)
Streight 8mm camera
repair of equipment
Bibliography, see 'Literature'
Bièvres annual photographica market
Biograph Company (Mutoscope)
17½mm camera of 1899
Biokam 17½ filmframe
Birtac / Birt Acres
Birt Acres, film pioneer
Bolex, see Paillard Bolex
Bolsey (smallest) 8mm camera
Bonds Ltd., see Kinora
Books, see 'Literature'


List of more than 1100 cameras and projectors
first motorised (Bell & Howell, 1912 )
first motorised 16mm camera (Victor)
first 16mm optical sound camera (RCA-Victor)
Cameras (buying/selling), see also 'cinematographica'
suppliers of parts/belts
repair of
Cameras Projectors Ltd., London (Midas)
Celluloid (see Nitrate)
nitrate film
images on c. disc (Spirogram)
Chrono de Poche, see Gaumont
Cinelin toy theatre
Cinématographe, Ernst plank
Cinéorama widescreen
Cinemascope - 55 widescreen size
Cinematography, see 'movie making'
info on/manuals for cameras/projectors
my selling list
for sale by readers on my billboard
my 'want' list
wanted by readers (Billboard)
queries by readers (Billboard)
read this before offering equipment for sale
not wanted/high shipping costs
where to sell items
suppliers of lamps/bulbs
suppliers of parts
Cinerama 180 widescreen
Collecting, see also 'cinematographica' (for buying/selling)
reasons for/fun of
collecting areas
historical equipment, films, milestones
professional equipment
off-sized equipment/films
special themes
Collectors (see also 'collecting')
Books used
breed apart
Comicscope toy slide projector
Cook, W.B. see New Premier Pathescope
Corbett/Fitzsimmons fight 63mm film
image of relative 63mm filmstrip


Darling 35mm camera
Darling 35mm camera (image)
Davsco Professionel Kino 35mm camera (image)
Debrie, André
Le Parvo 35mm camera
Dickson,W.K.L., orders film from Eastman
Duplex, see 'Pathé'


Eastman Kodak
order for cine film from Edison
early nitrate film fragile
acquires Pathé late twenties
Ebay auctions
Click her for your favorite eBay items
Contribution to standardization 35mm
Filmstrip of 1890 ('Monkeeyshine')
Filmstrip of 1891
cinema poster around 1900
Projecting Kinetoscope #K 3015 (after 1902, image)
Home Kinetoscope 22mm projector
- same - (image)
- same - (image)
22mm filmstrip
'Edison size'= 35mm
Eight mm (see also single, straight, super 8mm)
Forerunner Kodel/Kemco (1930
Introduction by Kodak in 1932
Single/straight (streight) 8 (1936)
8 and 16mm filmstrips (image)
8mm (super & single) 1965
Elmo prewar 8mm projector
Equipment (where to buy/sell), see 'Cinematographica'
Ernemann (Heinrich)
Ernemann Kino projector (1903)
17½mm filmstrip Kino (image)
model A 35mm camera (1908,image)
Kinox 1 35mm projector (image)


Felix the cat (animated image)
inflammable nitrate versus safety film
where to buy unexposed 8/9,5/16mm for use
Film sizes: (See also 'Sizes')
3mm (Berndt 1960)
4,75mm Pathé Duplex
Kodel Kemco early 8mm (1930)
Kodak (1932)
8mm filmstrip (image)
8mm (super 8)
9½mm Pathé (1922)
image of three 9½mm film strips cut from 35mm
13mm Prestwich
15mm Gaumont/Demeny Chrono de Poche (1900)
16mm Kodak
16mm filmstrip (image)
17½mm Biokam
17½mm Ernemann Kino
17½mm Pathé
21mm Mirograph
22mm Edison Home Kinetoscope
22mm filmframe image
28mm Pathé
28mm filmstrip image
35mm Lumière filmframe image
38mm Casimir Sivan
50mm (Skladawsky)
2 1/8" (Friese-Greene)
56mm Magnafilm (Paramount, 1930)
55,625mm Cinemascope - 55 (1955)
60mm (Prestwich)
60mm (Demeny)
63mm (Veriscope)
63,5mm Natural Vision (R.K.O., 1926)
63mm (Corbett/Fitzsimmons fight)
65mm Vitascope (Warner Bros., 1930)
65mm Todd-AO (1954)
65mm Todd-AO film frame (image)
65mm(horizontal) Imax
Panavision (1956)
70mm Cinéorama
70mm Panoramica (1914)
70mm Grandeur (20th Century Fox, 1929)
70mm Realife (MGM, 1930)
75mm Lumière (1900)
Filming, see 'movie making'
Filmo, see Bell & Howell
No info on titles available
The Big Reel (film collectors magazine)
Flip (Flick) books
Format (see 'Sizes' and 'Film sizes')
Fujica single 8 size
Freiburg, Apparatebau, see Lytax


Gaumont & Cie, Etabl. Léon Ernest
Chrono de Poche (15mm, 1900) camera
Chrono de Poche 15mm camera (image)
Geyer 16mm camera and projector (1926)
Glass plate devices
Demeny Phonoscope
film frames on glass plate
Rudge's early


Association Francaise. History of early cinema (French)
Library of Congress: Early motion pictures 1897-1916
All about Siegmund Lubin, the American film pioneer (1851-1923)
Quellen zur (Deutsche) Filmgeschichte
Hobby, see 'collecting/collectors'
opening one's own theatre
Home movies, see also 'making movies'
Huet & Cie Cinephot disc camera


Info on apparatus


Japanese Rola and Sakura cameras


Kamm, Leo and his Kammatograph
A3,A7, and B1 cameras
A-7 camera manual
K-32 camera manual
D-64 200 W. 16mm projector (1936?)
A-75 500 watt 16mm projector (1938?)
8mm R-8 projector (1937?)
8mm projector 110 (1960?)
Kodak, Eastman
model A first 16mm camera
Gerald McKee on Kodascope model A
Chronology of Eastman Kodak motion picture film (1910-1996)
Kodacope model D projector manual
Kinetoscope, Edison Home (22mm)
Kodel/Kemco Home Movie (1930)
camera for "1" paperfilm (image)


Laterna Magica
Lido (Pathé) 9,5/4,75mm cam/proj.
Literature on vintage apparatus and history
Publications of Deutsches Film Museum)
Pre-cinema and Early film publishers "The Projectionbox"
Lubin, Siegmund, the American film pioneer (1851-1923)
1895 35mm camera/projector (image)
Lumiere, a myth?
- same - rear view
35mm film frame (image)
70mm widescreen (1900)
poster (image)
Lytax 35mm camera (image, 1920?)
-same - rear view


Magazines on movie (collecting)
'Amateur Cine Enthusiast' monthly magazine (UK)
Magic lanterns
Van Houten magic lantern postcard
Magnafilm 56mm widescreen size(1930)
Midas 9½mm camera/projector
Monaco (Pathé) 9,5/4,75mm projector
Movie making
cost of making movies
Processing your own Movie film
Museums, links to
More links
Mutoscope of the Biograph Company
Eadweard Muybridge, Father of the Motion Picture
Muybridge animated pictures


Natural vision widescreen (1926)
New Premier Pathescope
- same - (image)
Newmann & Sinclair, 35mm Auto kine camera of 1946 (image)
Newsgroups movie related
Nine Five (=9½mm)
international film clubs
versus 16mm
9.5mm film
Nitrate film
early nitrate film thin and fragile
highly inflammable
Normal film = 35mm


Omnimax widescreen


Paillard Bolex
History and model characteristics
three of their first 16mm cameras
window display model (1937?)
Panoramica 70mm widescreen(1914)
Parvo, Le, camera, see 'Debrie'
taken over by Kodak late twenties
Advertising sign (late twenties?)
- Same - but of a stylised design (late thirties?)
35mm printer around 1900 (image)
'Professionel' 35mm camera (image)
'Professionel' 35mm camera (1908)
Studio 35mm camera (1906, image)
Kok camera (1913)
28mm camera (1913, image)
Kok projector (28mm)
28mm Kok projector (image)
28mm filmstrip (image)
Baby camera and projector
Baby camera and projector (image)
prototype(?) Baby projector (image)
Baby 9½mm printer (around 1928, image)
Rural 17½mm projector
- same - (image)
Rex 17½mm projector
Vox 9½mm sound projector
widescreen 4 3/4mm duplex (1955)
Duplex Lido camera and Monaco projector
Dinky toy newsreel reporter
  • Bolex conversion to super 16. Visit Animato's site.
    New premier Pathescope 28mm projector
    Rex 17½mm sound projector
    Lido duplex 9½/4,75mm camera
    Princess 9,5mm projector
    9,5mm Pathescope silent film catalogue
    9,5mm Pathescope sound film catalogue
    Paul, Robert
    Pelicule format standard = 35mm
    Powers 35mm projector (1905)
    Prestwich projector around 1898
    Prices (see also 'value', 'wanted', 'sale, for',)
    still moderate
    Projectors (buying/selling), see 'Cinematographica'
    List of more than 1100 projectors and cameras
    suppliers of projection lamps
    suppliers of parts/belts
    repair of
    Ben van Beek's 16/35mm projection pages
  • Q


    Radiquet & Massiot projection mechanism around 1897 (image)
    RCA - Victor first optical sound 16mm camera
    Realife widescreen
    Regular 8mm (before 1965) see: Eight mm
    Rokuohsha, Tokyo (Konica)
    Rola K.N.W. Tokyo, Cine, Japanese imitation Pathé 9,5mm camera
    - same - (image)
    Rural, Pathé


    Safety film
    tri-acetate replaces nitrate film
    Sakura prewar 16mm camera
    Le Seul camera/projector
    Siemens, three of their 16mm cameras
    Simplex Pockette camera manual
    Single 8mm
    Fujica (1965)
    38mm Casimir Sivan
    Sizes (film)(see also 'Film sizes' for different widths)
    100 Years of film sizes
    more than 100 formats
    standard size = 35mm
    growth due to standardization
    smalfilm/schmalfilm = substandard size (see filmsizes)
    Sixteen millimeter
    Introduction in 1923
    first Kodak 16mm camera
    first Victor 16mm electric 16mm camera
    BKSTS: The Moving Image Society (wall-charts)
    Western Electric sound-on-disc system
    RCA - Victor first optical sound 16mm camera
    9½mm sound
    Spirogram celluloid disc
    Straight/streight/single 8mm (prewar)
    split regular 8mm
    Super 8mm
    introduction 1965
    Super 16mm
    Introduction 1971


    Theatre. opening one's own
    Todd-AO widescreen
    Todd-AO frame image


    Uncle Sam toy projector cum gramophone
    Universal 35mm projector (image)
    Univex single(straight) 8mm camera


    Value of cameras/projectors (queries)
    Victor Animatograph Co.
    28mm projector"
    first 16mm electric 16mm camera
    RCA-Victor 16mm sound camera
    model 3 16mm camera manual
    transfering films to video
    How film is transferred to video
    opening a video theatre
    Vox, Pathé 9½mm sound projector


    Warwick (?) 35mm projector (around 1900, image)
    Western Electric sound-on-disc system
    pre WW1 sizes
    post WW1 sizes
    Wittnauer Cine-Twin camera/projector




    Zollinger 35mm camera

    List of some 3000 vintage movie cameras,
    projectors etc. with their date of manufacture.(click here)


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