Electricity harnessed finally

The story of electricity makes it clear that major discoveries, once overlooked, may have been preceded by numerous observations. Static electricity was already known by the Greeks. But even before people will have observed sparks coming from their hair when combed in dry atmosphere. Shocks from 'electric' fish in the Nile were already observed 2750 BCE by the Egyptians. But it drew no particular interest, nor investigation until 1600. Thereafter it still took centuries to come to grips with electric phenomena and made it one of the major discoveries for the benefit of mankind.

Could we look upon consciousness - now ignored by science - in a similar, but more broader encompassing way ?

There is some relationship between what is called 'nature' and consciousness. Nature gives life to organisms and in particular the brain. Although the wonders of nature are being observed daily - certain of its phenomena are not being investigated. Consciousness is not recognised to exist outside the brain. There is no scientific proof of its existence. In its place co´ncidence and power of adaptation is credited for development of the brain in which consciousness develops supposedly.

So what are the possible indications of more hidden possibilities of consciousness at work ?
Our memory, for instance, is limited by space and time. We can only record an image by means of apparatus, like video, which have to be operated at the site of interest. However, ancient Vedantic tradition has it that nature stores a record of all that takes place - the so-called Akashic records. Events leave a record in a 'cloud' that ordinary human beings have no access to. There are some people (for instance Joan Grant: 'Time out of mind') who claim being able to receive glimpses of it in visual images. Laying cards for predictions and many other objects have been employed to reach into a region outside space and time for images, impressions of the past, present and even future.

Other paranormal phenomena are also hardly investigated by science. Such as:

Finally, but most important, is how to go about harnessing or understand a phenomenon? First of all of course making a survey of all we know, of what has reached us about it, irrelevant of its veracity (that may be checked later). Then the circumstances in which they occurred. Also study the 'feats' of Indian gurus, such as piercing the body without harm. Feats of mediums like Daniel Dunglas Home who took burning coals out of a fire with his bare hands, who floated out of one window and returned through the next, who levitated and wrote his name on the ceiling. All in the presence of lexperienced observers and scholars.

If one can bring up the interest in the subject there are thousands of miraculous unexplainable incidences that point at a dimension out of our reach and as such neglected. Attention should also be paid to those rare individuals that display abilities beyond our comprehension in these fields: children who cause poltergeist phenomena, sometimes ordinary house wives who feel compelled to write down historic novels.

This is just a brief outline of what might be hidden in the consciousness field, that needs exploring. In fact it has already been investigated from the nineteenth century onward by some outstanding scientists as Sir William Crookes, physicist Sir Oliver Lodge, Nobel laureate Charles Richet and psychologist William James, all members of the Society for Psychical Research, but the public hardly comes to know of its findings and science takes no interest.

It will take an inquisitive genius like Leonardo da Vinci to tackle this exploration and demonstrate its validity.

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