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Hong Kong

in pictures and video clips

Returning after day's toil
MacDonnell mess
Our new office in Marina House, Queen's Road Central
Kantoor Marina House

Hong Kong Central 1950
Hong Kong Sheung Wan district

Statue square and Cricket Club
Staying as paying guest at Ho Man Tin Hill Road, Kowloon

Ho Man Tin Hill, Kowloon and Botanical Garden
Wandering through Kowloon 1951

Colleagues at Statue Square
Hans Wynia en Wim Wortel
Enjoying newly introduced LP records

The bank Dutch staff. Me on the right.
Bank foreign staff
Hong Kong as it was in 1952


Buddhist monastry on Lantau island.
Our Vauxhall proved to be quirky.
Kantoor staff 1952

Our first car, a Vauxhal 12.

The office staff in 1952
Kantoor staff 1952

De nieuwe 16mm Bolex
De nieuwe Bolex


Taking a dip

Protest marches in Kowloon
Relletjes in Kowloon

Holiday cruise to Japan

Photo: Latest purchase: Oldsmobile Convertible
Oldsmobile Convertible

Video clip: Office outing (click)

Video clip: Typhoon scourges Hong Kong waterfront

Video clip: Price winning film 'Rain'

Photo: Filming an entertainment evening for the crew of a Dutch destroyer on its return from Korea.
Filmjournaal voor Nederlandse Vereniging

Film evening with new Ampro projector and synchronous taperecorder

Squatters' children
Squatters children

Video clip: Enormous fire in squatters village, Kowloon, 1953

Slide: Fishing village along the coast
Vissers inham

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