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Transcriptions from the Woods/Greene collection of direct voice recordings with direct voice medium Leslie Flint

In 1963 Sir Oliver Lodge, the well-known phycisist, said:

"There must be many in your world who are curious as to how it is that we, who are so-called dead, can communicate with you in a vocal manner, to be able to assimilate, if only for a brief moment of your time, our personalities, our speech, to be able to give to you some identity of individual personality and character, and in some instances known to you, by relationship, or by some link of the past. To held a long conversation, to be able to transmit thoughts clearly, distinctly, as sounds to you, so that you may know what we are endeavouring to put over is in itself a task which involves many people on this side, indeed a whole group. There are those whose task it is to construct as best as they can, a replica of the vocal organs necessary for speech, from the ectoplasm, which is the substance drawn from the medium chiefly, this substance which is a life-giving force by which we are able to communicate with you. "

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Mary Ivan, a scotswoman, described her passing as follows:

Mrs.Greene: "Mary, how did you find yourself. What sort of conditions ........"
Mary Ivan: "Oh, I woke up in a place like a hospital. I thought, what is this? Because I was in my own house, and, you know, I was sick-a-bed and everything. I had a sister looking after me.

I remember waking up here in a kind of ward place, in a hospital, but very nice and very clean, and every-thing seemed so fresh and airy.. I thought, this is strange. I'm sure I was at home in my own bed, and here I am in a hospital, so I must have been unconscious, and they must have brought me into hospital. I did not think that I was dead.

And then I could see after a wee while other souls lying around and there was a sweet little lass next to me in a bed, a little blond child, a pretty child she was and she was sitting up there and she was chatting away. And then she showed me one or two things that she had, a dolly and some books and things, and she said: "Isn't it nice being here? I'm so happy."
I said: "Aye, that's very nice, but what is wrong with you?"
She says: "Oh, I 've got diphtheria."
I said: "Well, you don't look as if you got diphteria. You look as fresh as a daisy, and your cheeks and everything are bright and cheerful"
You know, I could not think that anything was wrong with that wee lassie and I said: "Well, how long have you been here?"
She says: "Only just come, " she says, "I'm very happy, though."
I said: "I can see that."
Anyway then I saw my sister coming towards me and I was so surprised because, you know, I had a sister and she died very young, when I was about twelve. We called her Kate. I thought this is strange, Kate is not here, Kate's dead.

And there she was and she came to me and she'd got a very big bunch of flowers in her arms. Beautiful flowers they were, fresh flowers with the dew on. And she said: "Here, I have brought you this and we're so glad you've come."
And she says: "Mother is coming soon, and also Pa."
"No," I said, "that's not possible."
I said: "In any case how are you getting in here? You're no here, you're dead."
She says: "Oh, don't be silly," she says, "I'm dead all right and so are you."
I says: "What do you mean, I'm dead."
She says: "You're dead."
I says: "No, that's not possible."
I said, "I'm very much alive. I'm in hospital. But how did you get in? Did anyone see you come through the door?"
She says: "Aye, they all saw me come through the door, because they're all dead in here."
I says: "I don't get this at all."
And the wee little one, she sat looking at me in the next bed. And she says: "Aye," she says, "is that right? Are we dead? And the lady, the lady," she said, "is she really dead too?"
"Well, she's my sister and she's dead. And if she's dead, then we must be dead, but we're alive!"

Elisabeth Fry was a courageous Quaker, who fought for prison reforms:

"What I am trying to say is that there are no leaders as such. We have an organisation which is so subtle and yet so natural, because a person over here does not in a sense give orders. We have groups of souls who do special work. But we all realise automatically within ourselves what our part is, what work we have to do, and we realise that we are all interwoven one with another. I think that it is that we are all very conscious of this oneness of spirit. Here, no one glories in being a leader, whereas in for instance in your world in religious organisations and political organisations, you do get this sort of glorification of the individual. The first thing a person must learn, almost, you might say, if they wish to progress here, is to lose that idea of self-importance. Those who are really progressed on this side, never, never give that impression, because it is not even in their nature to appear, or want to appear, important. Everything that we talk about, everything that we do, is done in complete love and harmony one with another. No one wants to override another person. All our influence is for good and in love and therefore we don't have on this side organisation as such. We do not recognise leaders in a sense that you do."

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Dame Ellen Terry, famous actress (1847-1929):

Here there is complete unity and harmony and love. Here there is truly brotherhood. Here there is the wisdom of all time, expressed in all manner of ways, by all manner of peoples, irrespective of any earthly ideas of class, or creed, or colour. Truly this is a spiritual world, but not as man has depicted it. Indeed it is so, so different, and so tremendously alive, so vital, so far removed from man's conception of things, that it cannot be differently described. One can only feel it and know it and sense it - it is so vast and so beautiful.

Dr. Cosmo Lang, formerly Archbishop of Canterbury (1864-1945):

To those who doubt I say, the time shall surely come when you shall believe. But It is better if you believe while you are yet on Earth, for then you can do much that is good, than to wait until you come here. For many are they who look back and wish that they had known truth when on Earth. How different their lives would have been, how different their actions, and how much more could they have served their fellow men, and God in consequence.

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John Brown, medium of Queen Victoria:

Here death is a great leveler of people. You realize it is unimportant what you were on Earth, as to what your station in life was. It's what you yourself were that counts. Whether you yourself were a real person inasmuch that you had real values, and real appreciation of the things that mattered. When we come here we face ourselves possibly for the first time and see ourselves as we really are.

Oscar Wilde:

We all begin to merge until we are harmonious and in consequence we live in a condition of peace and quietude and harmony, where all and each can have his or her interest, such as it may be. I prefer te continue to write, because writing was, to a great extent, my life, and I am hoping to find a suitable instrument on your side if I can, whose mind will be sufficiently open that I might be able to transmit new plays, new works, new things of interest to help and enlighten humanity.

Lord Birkenhead, Lord Chancellor of England (1872-1930):

Lord Birkenhead

Justice in itself is very rarely justified, it does not necessarily solve the problem or problems of society, quite often because the interpretation of justice is not always correct, or human, or sensible, or spiritual, or Christian. When man sins against society, society is outraged and is immediately on the defense, and invariably in consequence commits a crime, often as bad as the criminals, and sometimes even worse.

Confucius (in a relay-transmission through a spirit of an intermediate level):

You cannot hope to receive from the highest possible spheres depictions of life, which is so far removed beyond your comprehension even of souls in the lower spheres here. It can only be felt by the very oneness - being in tune with us. It is something you would have within your soul, which will come with a realization and impact that is tremendous when you are ready and prepared for it.

Brother Josephus (to the medium and the sitters):

George Woods and his cassettesThere will come a time when you will be called as it were to rest from your labours. Time when you step out of the physical body into the realms of the Spirit, and you will be able to see then, and only then with a clarity of vision which is now denied to you, how much you have done, how much you have achieved, how much your patience has been rewarded. You have brought forth out of the darkness the voice of the Spirit and many have been illuminated by it and blessed in consequence.

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