The voice of a dead boy

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Please bear in mind that these recordings were made many years ago when taperecorders had just appeared on the market. As Leslie Flint's house was situated at a thoroughfare street noises often penetrated into the seance room. The voice manifested at a point in space in the seance room not far from the medium and the sitters. The medium is heard laughing at times.

Excerpt from the Woods/Greene collection of direct voice recordings with direct voice medium Leslie Flint

On January 30th 1967 a voice manifested in the seance-room of British medium Leslie Flint in the presence of sitters Betty Greene and George Woods, which claimed to be that of a small boy, who gave his name as Bobby Tracey. In the ensuing conversation he told them of his present life.

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Bobby:"I like to paint, I have a box of paints and I have papers, and I make pictures."
Betty Greene: "Lovely. Did you like doing that when you were on this side?
Bobby:"Yes, I did. But I can draw good now. I have good 'perspective'. Yes, very good - teacher says I have good 'perspective'.
George Woods: "Is your father on that side, Bobby?"
Bobby: "Oh no. He's got another lady now. Mummy and me, we - we see him sometimes, but he's got another lady."
Betty Greene: "Did you and your mummy go over together, Bobby?"
Bobby: "Yes, we was come - we was come over - we killed - we was killed in a smash."
Betty Greene: "In a car smash?"
Bobby: "On the road, yes."

- - - - - - -

The voice went on to speak for some time and then trailed off for lack of power.

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