Mr. Ohlson kicks the bucket

Excerpt from the Woods/Greene collection of direct voice recordings with direct voice medium Leslie Flint

George Woods
George Woods

Mr. Ohlson was a personal friend of Betty Green George Woods and the medium. He was very interested in Spiritualism and healing. His passing was very sudden. In November 1967 he returned to them This was his second communication, the first being a very short one, but in each the voice was identical.

---------------------------------Sound clip (click to start)------------------------------------

B.Greene: Hello: Who's that?

Spirit:: Good Lord; Ohlson here!

S.G.W.: Oh, Mr. Ohlson

B.G.: Hello, Mr. Ohlson

Mr. 0.: How are you both?

S.G.W.: Oh, very well.

B.G.: Fine, thank vou.

S.G.W.: And how are you getting on?

Mr. 0.: Very well, no regrets, I'm very happy, I wouldn't come back if you offered me all the gold in China. I'm perfectly well, and perfectly happy, and I can't tell you how marvellous it is to be dead!

S.G.W.: Well, I never!

---------------------------------------- END of SOUND-CLIP--------------------------------------

Mr.O: I've never known - well, you know I was very interested in all this and I used to go to meetings -

B.G.: I've sat with you in this room -

Mr. 0.: I know, that's a few years ago! My goodness me, people should think themselves lucky the day they kick the bucket!

B.G.:What sort of condition did you find yourself in? What sort of place?

Mr. O: Well, as far as I'm concerned the place in which I found myself was, the nearest one can say is like some country place, it could be anywhere in a sense. I mean there were trees and the birds, and just as if one was waking up in a country village, I realised that very soon afterwards - thousands and thousands of people. Many, many live in what you'd call apartment houses - vast buildings housing thousands of people - all sounds rather like a large council estate, but nothing like that really.

I think this place I first came to, was a kind of reception station = it's the only way I can put it - because it is pretty obvious that quite a lot of people when they first come, they do need help and attention, they need to be sort of helped through - it is a difficult period. They don't take to it in the beginning, the realisation that they're separated from people they're close to and fond of on earth, when they realise that, although they can return, though very seldom do, they have the opportunity to have a chat or to comfort people they know and love on earth, they soon begin to realise that they are not acknowledged, and not welcomed. Of course that's a great distress to people at first. That's why they do have these reception stations where there are advanced souls in attendance who know how to deal with these difficult cases, and in consequence they're soon nurtured into a new way of thinking. I think the most difficult cases are those who have strong convictions, religious convictions, narrow outlook.

Oh, we have community centres, and the children of course are one of the greatest joys. I've seen so many children who live with their people over here. Of course many of them - their parents are still on earth, but they're taken in charge by people related to them like a grandmother and so on, but if there is no close tie or relationship there are always souls here who'll take charge. And we have schools for them, and they learn all sorts of things, many of them more important than they learned at school on earth.

Do you know that there are vast cities here, but also you do get communities of peoples who because of nationality when on earth, and possibly because of their colour even, they have this habit of clinging together, or being together. This is usually, of course, a temporary thing with most of them.

We have great halls of learning, and of music. One can study any particular thing that appeals to one, mostly of an artistic endeavour, because it seems to me, I can realise that much more now, that art and the things of the mind and of the spirit are the things that are the most lasting obviously.

You see, this is a real world, but it's not a material world. Therefore we don't have the material aspects like you do on earth. You don't get vast factories for instance. You don't get railways and stations, and thank God, you don't get all the noise, the filth and the dirt.. Here it is a world of absolute beauty, and there's the joy of progress in everything, the feeling of elation that comes with the realisation that all the time you're stepping forward. There's always something new, something more interesting, some new experience, some new place to go to, new people to visit, fresh arrivals coming over from the earth. People we have known and loved, helping them to settle, getting them interested in all sorts of things over here.

It's not a wishy-washy affair over here. It's not some sort of vague something. It's a real existence, and we are in our own way as physical as you are. Yet it's not a physical body as you have it. To all outward appearance it may look the same, but it isn't, the construction is different. I mean we are living on a vibration that is so far removed from earth, and everything is rarified in consequence and everything that we do has a meaning and purpose.

Your world to me seems - well, it is as if there's a dark, dreary foggy atmosphere. Of course the thought forces emanating from your world en masse are so terrible. There's all this upset, hatred, bitterness and malice. I wouldn't want to come back to it.

This is a transmission of my thought via this artificial vocal voice box, call it what you will, which transmits it into sound. It is artificially created because after all we can speak over here - we can communicate if we wish by the vocal effort - we learn very quickly that the best form of communication is a mental process.

This is a world of mental reality, which by the very power that generates it, creates, what you might call, a physical condition or picturisation of things. The more one sort of develops mentally and spiritually here, the more conscious and aware you become of other places, vistas and people. It's just a matter of tapping the source and becoming, as it were, tuned into it.

B.G.: Mr. Ohlson, how do you spend your time now?

Mr.O.:Time, time, time! Well, we're not conscious of time. Time does not mean anything to us. By coming back to you we're conscious of time to some extent. People say 'Oh well, I'me sure so-and-so will come and speak because it's his birthday.' Well, we couldn't care less in a sense about birthdays. In fact we probably wouldn't even remember it was our birthday if it were not for the fact that we pick up the idea or the thought from the consciousness of the individual near and dear to us on earth.

(George and Betty exchanged more thoughts with their former friend. After half an hour the power had gone and they had to say goodbye. Ohlson did not return to the seance-room of Leslie Flint. But, may be, they have met in the spirit by now!)

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