Tokyo & Kobe, Japan

in pictures and video clips
1955 - 57

TOKYO, JAPAN 1955 - 56

My bank office in Naka Bldg., Marunouchi, Tokyo
Tokyo kantoor

The Ginza

Dutch ambassador, Jhr. Reuchlin and manager Spanjaard

An outing near Tokyo in Autumn

Basement Tokyo office
A miracle worker holds flame under boy's hand without hurting him in Shiba Park, Tokyo.

Meanwhile my brother Kees films Amsterdam

Parliamentary Diet building, Tokyo

Japanese friend: Tetsuya Tatebe

Another acquaintance: Rin Jubishi

Early morning


Office in Moche Building, Kyomachi, Kobe
Kobe kantoor

My humble dwelling in James Estate, Shioya, Kobe

Ferry to Awaji eiland, Inland Sea

Filming trip to Awaji with new Berthiot zoomlens

Puppet theatre at Awaji

Books have arrived in Shioya

Students come to exchange ideas in my place.

Attending a debate on religion at Kobe University

Exchange of ideas by taperecorder

Meanwhile it is freezing cold in Amsterdam, as filmed by my brother.

Office outing to Nishikura

Ending the day with a Japanese meal

Dutch consul and chancellor watch Michael filming temple

Letter to the editor of Mainichi Shimbun

Of my films taken in Hong Kong a few DVD's are available ! Click here for a list.

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Sequel: Kobe, Japan 1957 - 58

My photo's and those of my former colleague Hans Brinckmann were shown in the Fujifilm Square Gallery "Photo IS": 'Showa Japan seen through Dutch Eyes' from August 29th to September 30, 2008 at the Fujifilm's Headquarters in Tokyo. The exhibition drew 49.000 visitors.

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The above photos also appear in my autobiography in Dutch: