Kobe, Japan

in pictures and video clips
1957 1959

The Inland Sea nea Shioya
Inland Sea

Office party of a Dutch NHB bank, Osaka 1958
foto Handelbank receptie

Kobe Bank staff 1957
Kobe personeelsfoto 1957

Hans Brinckmann at work in bank office,Osaka 1957.
foto: Hans in Osaka

Shioya Subudgroup in my house at James Estate, Shioya with Ohnukisan and Hans and Joke van Rossum
foto: Subud Shioya

Kansai philosophical discussion group 1958

Scenes from my home movie 'Sincerely yours', a satire on my life in Kobe 1958

Servant Okamurasan helps me waking up!
Appearing twice in the office

Another case of dual appearance.

Manager scolds obstinate sub-ordinate (dual exposure)

Standing in as sandwichman in Kobe 1958
....and as vendor

...finally as waiter.

At night ghosts appear

or machinery.

Living as a pasha

The Kobe murder case in our office.

A visit of Dutch chancellor Nico van zelm and blind students on the lawn of my house in James Estate.

Tatebe, my dog Jiro and house in James Estate, 1958

I visited JanWillem van de Wetering staying in the compound of Mrs. Sasaki
Ruth Sasaki

My cover photo on Janwillem van de Wetering's 'Empty Mirror'
Cover photo empty mirror

Noh performance

Hokusai's woodblock print: Tsunami with Mt.Fuji in the background
Mt, Fuji by Hokusai

Farewell reception with consul de Roos before my leaving for Tokyo in 1959

Wedding of Dik van Brummen and Brenda Salter
v. Brummen's bruiloft

Joke van Rossum at work in her garden.

Indonesian meal with Pak Subuh of the Subud movement in Shinagawa Prince Hotel 1959
foto: Dining with  Pak Subuh

Pak Subuh and Alice Kent in Kamakura
foto: Pak Subuh in Kamakura
Pak Subuh at Shinaga Prince hotel, Tokyo 1959,

Mainichi Shimbun reports on my friend Hans Brinckmann's wedding
Mainichi article

Wedding Hans and Toyoko Brinckmann - Yoshida
Hans bruiloft

Of my films taken in Hong Kong a few DVD's are available ! Click here for a list.

My photo's and those of my former colleague Hans Brinckmann were shown in the Fujifilm Square Gallery "Photo IS": 'Showa Japan seen through Dutch Eyes' from August 29th to September 30, 2008 at the Fujifilm's Headquarters in Tokyo. The exhibition drew 49.000 visitors.

A collection of my photo's of Hong Kong kong in the fifties will be shown from 17th March 2010 in the Tao Evolution Gallery, 13 Circular Pathway, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

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