Nationale Handelsbank, Naka 8th Bldg, Marunouchi, Tokyo, 1959

My Japanese drivers' license

Day trip with family Jubishi to Chiba beach 1959.

Husein Rofé gives a talk to Tokyo Subud group

Versteegh-Meulemans with Husein Rofé, Tokyo, 1959

My house with Austin at the Datemachi-cho, Tokyo

Former major of Amsterdam, d'Ailly visits us

Ed & Gerda van der Elsken stay with me

........and visit a Zen monastry

Tokyo bank staff in 1960: Arie Buitelaar, IJsbrand Rogge, Thom Blankvoort, Hatakenaka, Peter Wiersinga

Peter & Phia Wiersinga at Imperial palace lawn with my equipment
In a bath house.

At Nikko grand festival

Mt. Fuji.

Lake Fuji

Early morning at Mt. Fuji

Buddhist temple Novice

Japanese tea ceremony

Scenes from my film: 'Zen'

Scenes from my film 'WASHO, living traditions in modern Japan'.

At a local festival wordt a shrine is being carried carried by youth shouting 'Washo!'.

Demonstrations at the Ginza against extension Japanese-American Peace Treaty.

Hiwatari firewalking festival

Pearl diving at Izu peninsula

Of my films taken in Hong Kong a few DVD's are available ! Click here for a list.

My photo's and those of my former colleague Hans Brinckmann were shown in the Fujifilm Square Gallery "Photo IS": 'Showa Japan seen through Dutch Eyes' from August 29th to September 30, 2008 at the Fujifilm's Headquarters in Tokyo. The exhibition drew 49.000 visitors.

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