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The following is a summary of various subjects of articles on this site. The object of these pages is a call for understanding of some little known spiritual and cultural aspects of life. By widening our horizon respect may grow for the multitude of facets of truth. The wider our frame of reference the more we may see that clinging to a onesided point of view will lead to fundamentalism and extremism, be it in religious belief, or atheist scepticism.

The subjects range from philosophical musings on the meaning of life, paranormal voices (with sound clips), UFOs with clippings, Javanese mysticism, parapsychology to modern Dutch art. But foremost these original introductions deal with intriguing mysteries and the inner life of man. Please click on the various headings for full information.
I am confident that the attentive and open-minded reader will find somewhere hidden in these pages a key or link that may open up new vistas in his/her life.

Students may find in them a starting point for a not so run-of-the-mill essay.

For foreign visitors a number of translations have been provided.

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The articles are revised and enlarged continuously, so keep returning to them! Over twelve million people of more than a hundred countries have already read one of the following articles and more than140 million viewed my 1250 YouTube clips of the world in bygone days. The articles have been translated in more than 15 languages, see my links page.

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Click on the following subjects dealt with on this website to get a short summary of them:

My vision (click here)

My vision ends with an appeal to the younger generation: Realize that you are a wonder in the universe ! So far astronomers have not discovered any proof that there are intelligent beings like us in the known universe (although it is most likely there are). We are the only species that can observe the cosmos and may be one day assert influence on it. Mankind is on a great journey of unparalelled dimensions and significance. Feel part of it, if you can. Mankind united is on a pathway of endeavour. Trust your innate potentialities, qualities and faculties that lay dormant in yourselves. The more you open yourselves, also to your fellowmen, the more you will receive..

Did you ever have a spontaneous spiritual experience?

I did and many of my friends too. It is an important phenomenon happening often to persons in their twenties. It will influence their future lives, but they do not dare to speak about it for fear of being considered weird. Read more about this common, yet little known miracle.

Harnessing consciousness (click here)

The story of electricity makes it clear that major discoveries, once overlooked, were preceded by numerous observations. The same may apply to paranormal phenomena. Do we have to wait for an inquisitive genius like Leonardo da Vinci to discover the unknown powers of the mind ?

Reflections on man in the universe (click here)

My vision after seventy years of study is that the universe is one grand organism with conscious, spiritual and divine layers. We see only the outer physical shell with its laws and properties. However, our organism seems rooted in multi-layered inner dimensions, undeveloped as yet. Although we experience mainly the physical part we have the potential of developing our contact with the inner layers, reaching towards the Divine.

I have gathered my random musings on various subjects on this webpage. Subjects touch on the nature and meaning of life, coïncidence, injustice, suffering, etc. without trying to be dogmatic.

PARANORMAL VOICES (click here for further info)

An astounding phenomenon is explored, that of the independent direct voice manifesting in space. Voices of people who say they once lived on earth. They tell how they experienced their deaths and what happened afterwards.
Paranormal voices are not restricted to the seance-room and do not always require a medium. They may be registered on tape by everyone (EVP).

DEATH NO END (click here for further info)

For years a British couple has recorded paranormal voices with British medium Leslie Flint. These so-called direct voices were not spoken by the medium but manifested in space near him. The communicators tell what happened after they died and of their life now. Audio clips of the voices of Ellen Terry , Oscar Wilde , Chopin, Mahatma Gandhi and other persons who describe their passing over are provided. On companion pages Real Audio clips are available.

The presence-phenomenon (click)

When people meet in harmony their minds seem to fuse. The manifestation of a presence is being felt. This may take a tangible form: voices and materializations in the seance-room, which still take place.

The UFO enigma with 70 years old newspaper clippings (click)

From WW2 onward I have been interested in UFO sightings. I cut clippings from newspapers for more than 70 years. I have scanned them and am giving links to some of them. Moreover I have explored possible explanations none of which stand up to scrutiny.

Parapsychology and personal survival after death (click)

All through history mankind has believed in a life beyond the grave. Yet, in modern times this belief has been shaken. A summary of ten arguments pointing strongly to personal survival after death.


The origins of the NEW AGE (click here)

New Age philosophy is based on ancient traditions: Gnosticism, Alchemy, Rosicrucianism, Freemasonry, as well as Eastern philosophy. These were blended into one belief when Mme. Blavatsky founded the Theosophical Society in 1875. Her approach still bore the spirit of the age. Conflicts raged over her person, miracles and message. Yet her basic ideas of karma, reincarnation and the holographic unity of the universe are now widely accepted.
The legacy of all these traditions is sublimated in the New Age philosophy.

Klik hier voor een verkorte nederlandse versie.

The Christ Myth (click here)

Are the assertions in Dan Brown's 'The Da Vinci Code' true? Did Jesus ever live? Is the Bible the word of God? Was Jesus a Gnostic teacher?
The Jesus mystery explored.

Reflections on Islam (click here)

Myth versus enlightenment. A psychological approach to Islam, its myth and vague origins, its glory and decline.


Javanese mysticism is based on age-old traditions. Their disciplines are little known in the West. With a single exception Javanese mystical movements have never expanded outside Indonesia. (Recommended reading by Christian Science Monitor)

In addition some ancient Javanese mystical texts (click) are provided with translations.

Read also:

A mysterious encounter with Javanese mysticism of Dutch painter Auke Sonnega on Bali in 1950 (click here)

, or for the Dutch version:

SUBUD (click here)

A spiritual movement coming from Indonesia. Its members are to be found in most countries now. Their spiritual exercise, the latihan, brings about a purification of man's nature, thereby enabling him/her to receive inner guidance and communicate deep within.

An approach to living (click)

Looking back over more than sixty years of his life the author recommends golden precepts for living based on spiritual traditions blended with his own experience.

On the psychology of spiritual movements (click)

Which common psychological mechanisms are at work in groups of people, in particular those united in spiritual movements? The psychology of the member, the leader and the group are evaluated, as well as the essential characteristics: doctrine, prophecy, finances, and the fate of those expelled.

Failing predictions/Society in the 21st century (click here)

Predictions such as given by Nostradamus usually fail to give an advance warning, but in hindsight contained valuable clues. Is the future predictable at all? A summary of some of the conflicts and tensions in presentday society that may influence the future.

In addition an article on the conditions for a breakthrough to occur. (click)


Cinematographica (click here)

Read all about the exciting hobby of collecting vintage movie cameras and projectors and have a look at images of vintage equipment. A list is provided of some 3000 vintage cameras and projectors (click)
In addition read my article 'One Hundred Years of Film Sizes (click)'
'Who really invented the cinema?' (click)'
Birt Acres - film pioneer

The Art of Cornelius Rogge (click here)

Cornelius Rogge is one of the foremost sculptors of the Netherlands who is represented in the mayor Dutch museums. He was appointed Officer in the Order of Oranje-Nassau and received the prestigious David Roëll award of the Prince Bernard Fund for his 45 years artistic achievement.
Click above for info and photographs of his objects.
Voor Nederlandse lezers: recensies van het werk van deze kunstenaar (klik)

Video clips on YouTube

On YouTube you may find some 1250 video clips amongst others from films I took in Hong Kong, Japan and Europe half a century ago. Also included are digitalised travelfilms of bygone days by other makers, as well as of subjects of particular interest.


Autobiographical photo's for the period 1929-1961




Spiritual and other

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